Diversity and Inclution

Our business logic and the dynamic of our time makes us look for the best potential, the most competitive, the most complete, the one that has the minimum amount of improvement areas and generally very similar to the rest of the organizational talent, so that it fits! In this search, we sometimes ignore the large amount of diverse talent; because of age, special abilities or due to racial or sexual biases, among many other reasons, since we think that they will not fit in with the organizational culture, but what happens when we actually set aside the biases and begin to see diverse talent as potential candidates? With a mentoring process, what could happen is that this diverse talent would add in a positive way to the company, enrich the work environment, decision making and teamwork.

At Natalia Godoy Consultores Organizacionales, we have developed a powerful, flexible and easily to implement solution, Career Mentoring, a development and growth methodology that can help develop talent at all levels, increase the loyalty of your employees, and promote and safeguard knowledge management in organizations.